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New Home Construction

We proudly build to: Codes set out by the National Electrical Cade and  IRC (International Residential Code) and exceed the standards set out by the Texas Real Estate commission.

Building your dream home to our quality standards is our first priority It begins with us understanding your wants and needs. It starts with you understanding our company, what we provide and deliver to you. We are honored that you have chosen us to be your builder of your home and work hard to maintain that relationship. Be sure to check out our quality building tips found within our FAQ page.

Call us today to arrange our initial meeting. We will review the following to understand exactly what you want:

  1. Describe your current home. What do you like about it? What’s missing? What don’t you like? Do you want to change the space you have?
  2. Why do you want to build a house?
  3. What is your lifestyle? Are you at home a great deal? Do you work at home? Do you entertain often?
  4. How much time do you spend in the living areas, bedroom, kitchen, utility space etc.?
  5. What kind of spaces do you need, e.g. bedrooms, bigger kitchen, family room, bathrooms, etc?
  6. How many of those spaces do you think you need?
  7. What do you envisage in your new home that your present home lacks?
  8. How much can you realistically afford to spend?
  9. How soon would you like to be settled into your new home or extension? Are there rigid time restraints?
  10. Do you have a site selected? Are you working with a realtor or do you want our team to assist you in finding the perfect location for you?
  11. Do you have your own design or would you like our design team to work with you?
  12. Do you have strong ideas about design? What are your design preferences?
  13. Is there anyone in the family with a disability or do you envisage staying in the house for a long time, mobility problems of aging may need to be addressed?
  14. Is sustainable development and increased energy efficiency of importance to you?

What we will review with you:

  1. We have understood your needs
  2. Our history and credentials
  3. Our Quality Program
  4. Our Construction Methods
  5. Our Realty and Design Teams
  6. Project Budget & Financing if required
  7. Schedule
  8. The Contract
  9. Any questions you have
  10. Next Steps

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