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Why BuilTex?

Advantages of A Builtex Home Custom Build:

  1. Customization: Create the living space you desire with the finishing style you want.
  2. Quality Materials:  Technology has improved over time and the selection of high quality materials at the same price now lends itself to a stronger, higher efficiency home.
  3. Highly Skilled: The Builtex team has proven through our rigorous inspection process that even what you cannot see has been done right the first time!
  4. Building Codes: Building codes have mandated higher energy-efficiency standards with the improvement of technology and lessons learned from our natural disasters. A Builtex home is built to the latest codes assuring you that your home build has accounted for all the latest changes.
  5. Reduce Energy Costs:   You have access to the latest energy efficient heating and cooling systems along with the wide selection of energy efficient kitchen appliances.
  6. Fewer Repairs and Costly Upgrades: Your home today includes the latest building envelop standards such as insulation R value, Windows, Roofing- avoiding costly retrofits. A Builtex home is engineered and construction to specifically minimize maintenance requirements
  7. Seeing is believing. You have the ability to visit our job site and see for yourself the quality materials and build of your future home.
  8. Warranty: A-Builtex Home comes with new home warranty
  9. Home Inspection Quality Program: You can take confidence in the fact that site supervision is provided by the owner of Builtex Homes who is a Professional Home Inspector with years of experience.
  10. Quality is our signature.

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